About Us

I began this journey in search for beautiful shoes that spoke to my vegan fashion values. When I found myself in search all over for vegan shoes and found few options, I thought maybe other women were having the same problem. This is how the idea of lovelyattic.com emerged, a store that offers vegan shoes, accessories and clothing, all in one place. The journey has been so rewarding it just feels as if it was always meant to be.

As Lovely Attic grows, I take great consideration of the environment and believe I can do my part by providing eco-friendly packaging. All logo stickers and tissue are printed with soy ink and we have 100% compostable mailers. In addition, our logo hang tags can be planted and watch the flowers grow.

Lovely Attic & Co will continue to learn, grow and make changes to have compassion with style.

Be kind to animals.

Arcey Ayala/Owner of Lovely Attic & Co


About UsAbout Us